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Providing Easy ways to live a little more green!

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Hi there, I’m Cassie


I’m a nature loving musician from Sydney who has had the unique experience of growing up both on a farm and in the city. Ultimately the purpose of this little blog is to provide simple ways of living a more eco-friendly lifestyle regardless of whether you live in an apartment, house or farm.

Too often I feel like the idea of ‘going green’ feels like making extreme changes to your lifestyle and, for a lot of people, it seems too difficult or just too impractical to implement into their everyday routines. More and more I’m finding so many small and simple things that you can do to make your lifestyle more green that really won’t take up much of your time, or have a big impact to how you live your life (other than being more environmentally friendly of course!)

I hope that by sharing some of these simple game changers in reducing waste and becoming more ‘eco’ I hope you can be inspired to make little changes that will go on to have a big impact for our planet!


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